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AtoZ2014: Quarry


Settling into the community at the church wasn’t a difficult thing for Carmen and Doug. They had the enthusiasm to help and the as new members, they were eager to prove their worth. Ever vigilant, they still kept their eyes open for anything that would make it impossible for them to stay.

The first night was the hardest, having been given on of the cubicles in the nave. The hall never…

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AtoZ2014: Playground


Staring straight down the barrels of a number of guns, Carmen and Doug knew they had nothing to hide. Knowing it was in their best interest, they submitted to the bodily search. They’d been through searches before, but nothing this organized or thorough.

Somewhat surprised, they watched as Sister Mary Francis was searched as well. Better safe than sorry…

Passing through the first…

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AtoZ2014: Owl


The trio left the hotel, Carmen and Doug’s substantial haul forgotten on the second floor for the time being. They crossed the street, scouting the area for the presence of any monsters before stepping out into the open.

“How long have you been at the church?” Carmen asked, still wary of anyone who wasn’t her husband and wanting to find out as much she could before entering the church. Not…

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AtoZ2014: Nun


Carmen and Doug woke the next morning, their heads a little fuzzy from the influx of sugar. They smiled at one another as they lay in bed, watching the dust flit about the room in the rays of sunshine that cascaded through the open blinds.

“We should probably get to clearing the rest of the rooms on this floor and see what might be left in the kitchen.”

Carmen agreed with Doug and the two got…

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7 Questions with Cindy Lyle

7 Questions with Cindy Lyle; she talks about #Dragons, #SpicyFoods and #JJAbrams! With @mydragons2012

Today I have the pleasure of featuring an author whom I went to high school with. Her name is Cindy Lyle and since I already know a little bit about her, I’m going to give her the opportunity to tell you all a little bit about herself…

1000000400000019700bI was born and raised in a small community named Uxbridge. I still live in Ontario, Canada but now I’m further away from my country roots. I miss living on the…

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AtoZ2014: Menu


Carmen and Doug backtracked to the front desk having noticed the wall of keys that hung behind it. It was lucky for them since physical keys meant they wouldn’t have to break down any doors. With the hotel having lost power, there was no way of telling if any magnetic locks would have remained secure unless they tried them—real keys meant they didn’t have to worry. It also meant they could…

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AtoZ21014: Lift


High-tailing it out of the convenience store, Carmen couldn’t help but wonder if she should have stayed for a moment to search out that case of bottled water. At the threshold of the shop, she stopped, hesitated. Torn between safety and fresh water, she chose safety, knowing they’d only be able to carry the case so far before it would weigh them down needlessly.

“What direction?”


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A Monday for Anything: A Guest Post with R.J. Hore!

A Monday for Anything: A Guest Post with R.J. Hore! with @JaidisShaw

Today The FlipSide is featuring a guest post with R.J. Hore, author of The Queen’s Pawn! But before we let R.J. take the floor, let’s get to know him a bit…

Ronald-HoreRon can be found sailing on Lake Winnipeg when not writing novels or critiquing for an on-line magazine He won first prize for a Canadian Authors Association short story contest for a ghostly love story, but his preference is for longer works…

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5 Questions with K. R. Chin

5 Questions with K. R. Chin

Today I have the pleasure of featuring an interview with author K. R. Chin. For those of you unacquainted with K. R., let’s take a moment to introduce him…

K. R. Chin, known as “Storm” to his friends and associates, is a long time outdoorsman who got his start in much the same manner as many of us, as a member of the Boy Scouts accompanied by a heavy dose of Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone.


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AtoZ2014: Kennel


“Well now that it’s settled, can I get you two something to drink?” She smiled sweetly as she offered Carmen and Doug a refreshment.

Trying to find a way to decline the offer, Carmen asked for what she assumed the woman wouldn’t have. “Have you got any bottled water?”

It had been months since Carmen had seen an unopened bottle of water and knew it was unlikely the woman had one. While she…

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